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TMM #001 The power of a single meeting invite

Jun 13, 2022

This week’s tip: Don’t underestimate the power of an introductory meeting with a hiring manager when you are an internal candidate.      

One of the key mistakes I see professionals making is their hesitancy to ask to meet with the hiring manager before applying to the role.   

The idea that you will somehow promote without actively charting your own career is wishful thinking. Most organizations have terrible career paths, so use all the tools available to you to take control of yours. 

How to get started: 

Step 1: Identify the hiring manager using the internal job portal system. 

Step 2: Calendar a 30 minute meeting directly. 

Step 3: Position the conversation as a learning opportunity to see if you’d be a good fit before applying. Come prepared with key points about what makes you special to weave into the conversation. 

Step 4: Orchestrate a strategic conversation so that you can identify their needs and sprinkle in relevant tidbits about yourself. Ask directly for feedback on your experience and fit for the role.  

Step 5: If interested in the role, wrap up your conversation by letting them know you’ll be applying. If not, then you’ve expanded your network for future opportunities, and it only cost 30 minutes of your time.   


Why This Works: 

1.     You’ve cut through the administrative vetting process and put your application on the top of the pile.  

2.     Hiring managers love initiative and a discovery call is the perfect way to informally interview for a role. 

3.     Take the insider info you gathered and craft a professional story that elevates your candidacy. Tailor your resume and experiences to meet their needs.  

4.     You’ve established a line of communication directly. Once you’ve formally applied, send a thank you note with your resume. Repetition allows you to stay top of mind.  

 Bonus Tip: Not quite sure what to write in your invite? See the exact example I used to land an interview for a director role.


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