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Hi, I'm Aylin Roeben (She/Her).

I had my first "real job" in 2009. The market had crashed, I was sitting on 80K in student loan debt, and I had a "useless" liberal arts degree. 

I was ambitious, a hard worker, and loved helping people. I thought the only way to make a difference was to be a public servant.  

So I started working as a customer service agent at a small government agency. I was making $55k a year with benefits and thought that was the best I could do.

I didn't have a career strategy or the confidence to believe I could ever earn six figures. I felt like I should just be happy to have a job. I only applied for jobs I felt 100% qualified for and never negotiated a salary.

Had I taken more control of my career earlier on, I'd have surpassed my male counterparts years ago. 




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